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Our Prices before your Insurance your reimbursement

While we do accept most insurances, we can do what most eyeglass stores cannot, we can publish our prices.  Does your eyecare provider publish their prices online?  Do you ever wonder if they don’t publish those prices because they change depending on the customer and their insurance?

We are independant, we have nothing to hide, and we are not obligated by any insurance companies to pricing.

These are our prices.  If you have insurance, your insurance coverage, will reimburse you directly.  We are able to look up your insurance coverage and tell you exactly how much you will receive before your purchase.  You are welcome to price shop before you purchase and we are happy to assist.

Remember, these prices are befroe any insurance benefit is applied

1. Eyeglass exam – $80 – 

2.  Contact Lens exam – this exam requires additional measurements and fittings which increases the cost to $120-$160, depending on the complexity of the fitting and your prescription

3.  Frames – we have many different brands of frames with varying prices.  You can find frames at The Spectacle from as low as $20 – $400.  We usually have a selection of free frames with the purchase of lenses.

4.  CR-39 Singlevision Lenses including Anti-Reflective and Scratch
Resistant coatings – $110

5.  Polycarbonate Singlevision Lenses including Anti-Reflective and Anti-Scratch coatings – $140

6.  CR-39 Lower Tier Progressive lenses – $253.50

7.  CR-39 Highest Tier Progressive lenses – $388.70

8.  Polycarbonate Lower Tier Progressive lenses – $235

9.  Polycarbonate Highest tier progressive lenses – $270

10. Anti-Reflective/Anti-Scratch coatings on progressive lenses – $65

11. Photochromic (turns to sunglasses outside) – $85

12. Blue Light Protective Coating – $45

We are In-Network providers for some insurance plans, but not all.

Have a look at our Insurance Page to understand how we handle insurance both in-network and out of network.

You can contact us to let you know exactly what your insurance will reimburse you before your purchase

We provide premium quality products that we can stand behind.  Our Reviews are a testament to our commitment to quality products and service.  We are happy to provide you a quote for your eyeglasses with or without insurance.

Quality Frames and lenses

The selection of a great frame starts with the proper style, color and design.  All of our frames come with a one year warranty against manufacturers defects.  Your frame selection is a personal choice that ultimately dependant on what you like.

Your lens selection will be based on your prescription and what additional features such as coatings, photochromic or blue light protection.  But you can be asured you will be getting the best quality lenses we can source.