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Vision Insurance

We are IN-NETWORK providers for the following insurances

DAVIS Vision

Each of the insurance companies have different coverage options available to your employer.  Depending on the plan choosen, your coverage will vary.  You can give us a call and we can look up exactly what your particular plans will pay BEFORE you come in for an appointment.

Our goal is to have you fully informed, without suprises at the end of your visit.


We are currently OUT of NETWORK with all other vision insurance providers, but we do accept most when out of network coverage is available under your plan.  Give us a call and we can give you the reimbursement you will receive with your out of network coverage.

Why we are not in-network providers with some insurance plans

I know, that statement requires an explaination.  While I’ll go into some detail down below, I provided some bullet points for those that are unsure how vision insurance works and why do accept insurance, but we remain independant of, and out of network:

1.  Cost – because we are not required by a contract with the insurance company, we are free to find the best lenses and eyeglass frames at the best cost and pass those savings to you, our customer

2.  Contracts – Being in-network requires contracts with the vision insurance providers.  Those contracts are not always in your best interest.  Believe it or not, they are in the best interest of the vision insurance provider.  Shocker, I know…

3.  Optical Lab – Most vision insurance providers require the use of an optical lab that they own (or contract with).  So they determine how much you will pay for your lenses, all while also getting your monthly premuim and payment you make for the glasses at my store.  Again, Shocker…

4.  Customer Care – We are better able to serve you, our customer, by helping you select what is best suited to your needs without having to consider the is best for the insurance company’s bottom line

Los Angeles Times Investigative Report about Vision Insurance Plans

Take the time to watch this 5 minute video from the Los Angeles Times investigative reporter.  He details what I explain below.  But, what he does not report that in addition to the frame manufacturers, the optical labs that make your lenses are also owned by the parent company of the insurance companies.

At The Spectacle we have chosen to remain an out-of-network provider for some of the most popular vision insurance providers.  I will attempt to explain here why that decision was made and why we believe it is in the best interest of you, our customers.  

How many times have you waited weeks or longer for your eyeglasses to be ready for pickup?  More likely than not it was because the optical labs that the optical store where you purchased your glasses is forced to use specific optical labs by your insurance company.  But, your frustration wasn’t with your insurance company, it was with the place you purchased your glasses.  It has happened at The Spectacle, and I know it has happened elsewhere.  Because of those types of problems, we are committed to remain independant from any vision insurance contracts, and out of network with any vision insurance company, that negatively affects the relationships we want with our customers.

Becoming an in-network provider with a vision insurance company requires a contract between the insurance company and us, the provider of your eyecare/eyewear.  We believe those contracts are not always in the best interest of our customers, especially when it comes to cost and quality of the product we provide.  Those contracts require us to use specific optical labs, where the lenses for your glasses are made, that most times are owned or contracted by the vision insurance company.  So the vision insurance company requires us to purchase lenses, the most important and expensive part of your eyeglasses, from a place they own or control and set the prices for those lenses.  When we are contracturally required to use those labs, we cannot shop around to find better quality products and prices for our customers.  

Your vision insurance company, which is most often selected by your employer, is in business to make money.  They do not sit across the opticians table and speak with you personally to help navigate your purchase for what is best for your particular needs.  While accepting your insurance, but being out of network, we are able to help your decison without the undue influence of an insurance company who’s sole purpose is to increase profits.  You are our focus, not the CPA of XYZ Vision Insurance.  Our goal is for a long term relationship with you our customers, 

Our business is very customer service driven.  Your satisfaction with your vision exam and eyeglasses provided, along with the customer service received at our store, is what brings you back into The Spectacle

Thank you,

The Spectacle